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Episode 16 – Working with Producers

This week Timothy and Alrik talk about our experience working with producers and why they are so important.

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Show Notes / Links


– Timothy talks about his big commerical shoot.

– Alrik talks about submitting the work in progress cut of Brother to film festivals.

– Main topic: Producers, what do they do and all the different type of producers there are.

– Producers on commercial projects and on films.

– Why are there so many producers credited on some films?

– Wrap up and upcoming episodes.

– Listen to Timothy’s interview on Dharmic Evolution:

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  • Kellerman

    Yet again – fully enjoyed this week’s show! I will say I lean more towards Timothy’s definition of filmmaker. While the term “filmmaker” can be broadly used for anyone who takes part in making movies, I generally use it to describe myself instead of calling myself a writer/actor/director/producer/editor. But if I want someone to hire me as a writer, I refer to myself specifically as a writer. So I guess context plays a roll. Also, Timothy, you must stop saying irregardless. It is not a word.

    • Yeah, yeah, that’s what I was kind of getting at. Filmmaker fills in for the mutliple title problem. I hate when people call themselves writer/director/producer/actor/editor. It makes me want to say “Choose one!” So filmmaker is a less annoying way to say you can do a lot of things. Do I say “irregardless”? I never noticed. Irregardless, if you understand what I’m trying to say, it’s a word.