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Episode 147 – Filming a Levitation

We offer some advice on shooting a demonic levitation, and then ponder whether or not you have to be “The Best” to have a successful career.

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Alrik and Timothy Catch Up

Alrik gives an update on The Alternate and what’s happened since our last episode. Check out his brand new poster by listener and friend of the show, Lucas Culshaw.

Timothy talks about his plan to take a month off of work and write full time partly following Stephen King’s method that he outlines in his book ‘On Writing: A Memoir of The Craft’.

Topic #1 Special Effect Question

Timothy pulled a question from the Indie Filmmaking Community Facebook Page and Alrik and Timothy do their best to answer it. First, here’s the question from Willie Bass-Nelson.

  • Alrik and Timothy talk over the question and break it down together.
  • Alrik gives his take.
  • Timothy gives his take.
  • They break it down together again.
  • They wrap up with re-capping the best way to approach it and things to keep in mind.

Topic #2 Do I Have to Be the Best?

Alrik has been thinking a lot about what it takes to be successful, do you have to be the best to be a successful filmmaker?

  • Alrik explains what he’s been thinking about and where this topic comes from.
  • Timothy compares Alrik’s explanation to the commercial world.
  • Timothy gives his take.
  • Alrik gives his take.
  • They talk it over and come to an agreement on how they feel about this.

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