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Episode 14 – What is Success?

In this episode Timothy and Alrik talk about what it means to be a success. Are they successful filmmakers? If not, what will it take for them to get the success they wish they had?

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Show Notes / Links

– Alrik starts off talking about getting back from vacation and a little about not having enough time to do the things he wants to do while Timothy discusses being over worked and challenged by directing a commerical for his company.

– Main topic, what does it mean to be successful??

– Measuring yourself against famous filmmakers, should we ever be comparing ourseleves to the Spielbergs and Tarantino’s of the world?

– Wrap up and look out for Necessary Evil on twitter and facebook and Over My Dead Body to premiere at a film festival in the fall!

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  • Kellerman

    Great Great GREAT new episode guys! I liked this one the most so far, probably because it’s a bit more universal. Everyone questions their level of success, even people outside the film industry. Timothy, I completely agree with you. Success is definitely in setting and meeting personal goals. And I think there are a lot of smaller successes and failures on the way to the greater successes (and failures.) What’s different about the film industry is the larger uncertainty of it all. You could “successfully” make the movie you’ve always wanted to make and it could come out exactly as you envisioned… And it could still be considered a failure to audiences or other film producers! We really just have to make what’s in our hearts and hope others like it! That’s what’s so scary! There’s no way to accurately calculate the risk!

    • It was an enlightening conversation, for sure. I’m glad we had it. I feel a little bit at peace right now about things, but more often than not I wallow in the feeling I haven’t reached the level of success I should have at this point. Therein lies the struggle.