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Episode 139 – Alrik Bursell’s “The Alternate”

This week Alrik and Timothy dedicate a whole episode to Alrik’s film, The Alternate, which is currently in development with a target shoot date of Fall 2018. We break down what the project is, how long Alrik’s been working on it, and what he’s doing to get it made this year. This is everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Alrik’s project, collected right here, in one place.
(Concept Art by Lucas Culshaw)

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What’s Timothy Been Up To?

Timothy talks about getting back to writing and the different phases he went through on how he wants to approach his first feature.

  • The just get it done Frazer Bradshaw approach, get your first feature done because you know it will be bad so you can get to your good feature.
  • Timothy then references our Noam Kroll episode and that approach.
  • In the end, he just needs to finish his script The Artifice first, then he can decide what to do.

The Alternate – Back Episode Breakdown

First off, we have talked about The Alternate almost since the very beginning of the podcast, here is the breakdown. Sorry, no time stamps, you’ll have to just scrub through the episodes and use the show notes as your guide.

This is the first mention of The Alternate.
I talk about the film a little here.
Here I talk about what it would mean to switch the genders of the lead characters
This is a continuation of the same conversation.
I talk a little bit about raising money for The Alternate….which is funny because I had gotten no where with funding at that point…ha!
I talk about working with in LA artist on the poster for The Alternate, which I ended up not using for various reasons…
This is a very process focused episode and I talk a bit about my struggles re-writing The Alternate…
This is a big The Alternate episode as I talk about the coverage I got from The Blacklist and I post my score and the draft of the script that I submitted, although that link is no longer live.
This one probably doesn’t have much about The Alternate in it, although we talk about screenplay contests so there’s probably a little in there…
This is where I start to get a little serious about raising money for The Alternate, so yeah, this probably has a bunch of good stuff in it.
I talk about my plan for making The Alternate and the steps I’m going to take to get it done.
I talk more about my approach to funding the film and I talk about doing my first online pitches through Roadmap Writers and Stage 32.
This is another BIG The Alternate episode, this is the one where we listen to me pitch to an unknown manager, we breakdown my pitches, share my pitch feedback and talk about what I learned from those 10 pitches.
So I talk about The Alternate here and how I wanted to shoot in 2017 or be set up to shoot in 2018, looks like it kinda came true…
We talk a lot about the ending of The Alternate in this episode and Timothy explains to me why my ending is no good.
More The Alternate talk and how I could approach Anthony Mackie to be my star. Note: Alrik didn’t do this plan but he did call his manager…
There’s a little The Alternate talk in this one…
This is the one I announce that I’ve got a producer on board.
Here I break down some more plans for the film, but nothing super extensive…

The Alternate – What’s Happened So Far

Alrik starts talking about all the things that have happened so far, here’s the breakdown.
  • Blacklist Log line: Struggling filmmaker JAKE sees a glitch in one of his files, but when he projects it onto his wall it becomes a mysterious portal that leads to an alternate world where he’s dreams have come true. The only problem? There’s an ALTERNATE JAKE there, too, and only one of them can have the perfect life…
  • Alrik’s favorite Log line: Struggling filmmaker Jake discovers a portal to an alternate dimension where all his dreams have come true. After finding that his alternate self is cheating on the perfect version of his wife, he decides to take the life he always deserved.
  • First draft of the script completed in March 2014.
  • Why am I making this movie?
  • What happened in 2014.
  • What happened in 2015.
  • What happened in 2016.
  • What happened in 2017.
  • The Stage 32/Roadmap Writers Pitches.
  • Realizing that it’s not going to just ‘happen’.
  • Getting serious about fundraising, over and over.
  • Going to AFM.
  • The new plan.

The Alternate in 2018

Ok, so a lot has gone down, what needs to happen in 2018?

  • Alrik needs to hit a fundraising landmark by March 2018.
  • He has an even bigger fundraising landmark by June 2018.
  • If he doesn’t hit the June landmark, he will revise his plan and figure out an ‘alternate’ budget, for the shoot.
  • Rewriting the script for the table read on Saturday February 17th.
  • The table read on the 17th, what are Alrik’s expectations?
  • Making a mood reel with a sample theme from his composer.
  • Generating more concept art, poster art, etc.
  • Finding new investors to pitch!

The Alternate Materials

Feel free to read the current draft of the script and if you want, feel free to send Alrik notes!
Same with the look book, check it out and let Alrik know what you think!

The Making Movies is Hard Live Show/The Alternate Table Read!

Reminder, we are having our first live show on Saturday February 17th at 1pm at Capitol Art Creative in SF! We will do a live podcast featuring a table read for The Alternate starring local actors L. Jeffrey Moore and Kelly Lou Dennis!

For free tickets to the event, sign up at our eventbrite page here!

Get your tickets while you can, we only have 50 seats and they are going fast!

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