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Episode 137 – Megaera Stephens – Working as a Woman 1st Assistant Camera

This week we have 1st Assistant Camera Megaera Stephens on the show to talk about how she got started in the camera department, being woman in a male dominated position and transitioning from the SF Bay Area to New York.

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Who is Megaera Stephens?

Megaera Stephens started working out of the San Francisco Bay Area, after attending The Academy of Art University, Megaera worked her way up the ranks in the camera department working in commercials and feature films, until she made the move to NYC where she decided to join the union as a first assistant camera.

What Does a First AC Do?

Megaera breaks down the camera department and what a 1st AC does on set.

  • Working in film versus digital
  • How the camera department is structured
  • The role of the 1st AC
  • Transitioning to being a Director of Photography
  • What are Megaera’s favorite cameras and lenses and why
  • Getting real deep into color space

Working as a Woman in an Male Dominated Department

Simply put, filmmaking in general is a male dominated field and even more so, the camera department is traditionally thought of as a male dominated department.
Megaera talks about the struggles she faced in coming up in the camera department and the discrimination she deals with, either directly or indirectly, on a regular basis.
Some of the specific points we discuss are.
  • The general gender bias women face in the camera department.
  • The types of departments or even roles in a department that women are accepted in.
  • Examples of the type of discrimination Megaera has faced as a 1st AC.
  • How things have changed for the better.
  • How we have such a long way to go to get rid of this gender bias and work towards equality.

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  • What do you think gang, are you seeing a lot more women on set or is it usually 99% men on the sets you work on?

  • Her movie DNA goes back a long way. Ask her about Ida Lupino, sometime ;^D