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Episode 13 – Short Film Fundraising

This week we talk about the ways we’ve funded our short films.

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Show Notes / Links

But first Timothy talks about being overwhelmed and imagining a life without film.

Alrik talks about his experience shooting the web series and pre-shoot jitters.

Then we talk about the ways we’ve funded our short films. Why we chose self-funding over crowd-funding and vice versa.

The advantages of Kickstarter over the other crowdfunding platforms. Why it worked for our films “Strange Thing” and “The Spirit Machine”

Would we use Kickstarter again?

Why we like it when Kickstarter campaigns fail.

We read a Facebook post from one of our listeners about their perspective on agents.

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  • Kellerman

    Wow, thanks for the shout-out guys! Just to be clear… I wasn’t intending to discourage anybody or suggest that what I was saying was the end-all-be-all truth… It was just another perspective based on observations and conversations with agents, managers, and people who have agents and managers. Also, because of the way you read it… I will never type “haha” in a message ever again.

    • Thanks, Alex for the perspective. It’s really helpful to get other points of view.Keep them coming. I didn’t find it discouraging at all. I am so glad you sent that to us.