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Episode 121 – Indie Feature Talk with Frazer Bradshaw

Join us as we talk with Independent Filmmaker and Director of Photography Frazer Bradshaw about getting into Sundance with his first feature and what steps he had to take to get his second feature made, The Deep Sky!

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Meet Frazer Bradshaw

Frazer Bradshaw is a filmmaker and Director of Photography with over 20 years experience in the film industry. Having made over 50 short films, worked on countless feature films, corporate and commercial projects, Frazer has seen it all on set. In 2009 he released his first feature film, Everything Strange and New, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and won a number of awards. His second feature, The Deep Sky is set to premier at the Mill Valley Film Festival on October 7th.

Being a bay area filmmaker with a large amount of success, Alrik really wanted to chat with Frazer about his approach to making his feature films and hopefully get a little bit of insight that we can all take to all of our next projects.

Everything Strange and New

We talk about how the film got made, how Frazer got the budget and most importantly, how he got the film into Sundance!

We also go into a bunch of details of how Frazer likes to work on his features which lead to some interesting discussions about story and what are goals are as filmmakers.

The Deep Sky

Having had such a positive experience with his first film, we talk to Frazer about how he approached making his second feature, The Deep Sky and what he did the same or different than on his first film.

We end the episode with our new feature, the final questions!

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