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Episode 115 – Hoarding Acorns with Winnie Wong

This week we talk with freelance producer Winnie Wong about making the leap from a full time producer at a major company to going back to the world of freelance. We also talk about finding your identity as a producer, crew rates and how you know when to finally make a big change in your life!

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Winnie Wong has been working in the bay area in film production for almost a decade but she has spent the past three years as a full time producer at Pandora. Having just made the transition back to life as a freelancer, we thought it would be fun to have her talk through how the process is going.

Life as a Full Timer

What lead to the full time position at Pandora and why was it time to leave?

Was there a specific project that help you take the leap?

Winnie takes control of the podcast and starts asking Timothy questions about his full time job.

Why is Timothy still at Goodby?

How did he end up where he is?

Will he ever leave?

Jumping Back Into the Fray

What steps did you take to re-introduce yourself to the freelance world?

What are some of the challenges you are facing?

What kinds of projects are you hoping to work on?

Finding Yourself as a Producer

What do you feel makes a great producer?

What’s the difference between all the different types of producers?

What do you enjoy about producing?

Winnie asks us another question: What was our favorite experiences with a producer?

How to Find Winnie

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Lastly Winnie Wong on IG: G: @wnne_wng

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  • What do you guys think, do you prefer the life of a freelancer or wold you rather have a full time position at a company?

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      I’ll never know…

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    Where is the link to Spirit Machine?