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Episode 109 – The Business Side with Sales Rep Ben Yennie

Want to figure out how to get your movie sold, raise the funds or figure out how the movie is going to get seen? This week we have producer/sales rep Ben Yennie on the show to talk over all things film business. We start out talking about AFM, how Ben got the moniker ‘The Guerrilla Rep’ and then dive into everything business! Listen to this episode now or visit iTunes to download it to your device.


Ben Yennie is a producers/sales rep, author, entrepreneur and overall film business pro and has been working in these areas for the last 10 years.  Here is what the internet has to say:

As Founder and CEO of Guerrilla Rep Media, where I’ve gotten distribution deals for more than 8 films, that will soon be appearing on Starz and other major outlets across the globe.  Ben is also the Founder and Executive Director of Producer Foundry, as well as Producer of more than 50 events on film finance and distribution.  Hes worked with people like Lew Horowitz, the inventor of Indiefilm Gap Financing, Jeff Dowd, Exxecutive Producer of Blood Simple, Fern Gully, and inspiration for “The Dude” from the Big Lebowski. Ben co-Founded Global Film Ventures, screened business plans and advised the Film Angels and is the former chapter leader for the San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Vancouver Chapters of the Institute for International Film Financing.

AFM – Should We Go?

  • Who is AFM for, who should go?
  • What should you expect out of your first AFM experience?
  • If you were in our position, would you go?
  • LOI’s, what’s the deal with these, are they even useful?

Are Films Good Investments?

  • So it’s very hard to find investors for films, why is that?
  • Are films good investments?
  • What kind of value can you expect to get out of a film investment?
  • What should film investors be thinking about when investing in film?

What Kinds of Films Should We Be Making?

  • What kinds of films are selling these days?
  • Is Horror still a top genre?
  • Is Sci-Fi still as hot as it seems?
  • What is the top selling genre right now, what movies should we be making?

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If you have a movie that you are looking to sell and you want Ben to be your Sales Rep, send it his way! Also check out his books on AFM, Film Marketing and much much more!

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  • What do you think? Will you be going to AFM this year? As directors should we even care about that event?