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Episode 107 – Insurance, Fame and Do 25k Budget Films Matter?

This week Timothy and Alrik are in the middle of a big job so they jump back to their old format and talk through a series of topics, including Insurance, Fame and if 25k budget films matter or not?

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Listener Question

First we tackle a listener question, from a twitter follower who we don’t have the name of anymore…

What’s the question? Listen to find out!


We have yet to talk about insurance on the show, so here it goes.

  • When did you first use insurance?
  • Why is it important?
  • Do you always need it?


Do you want to be famous? Do Timothy and Alrik think about fame at all? Do they want it?

Why Even Make a Movie for $25,000?

Timothy has been thinking a lot about why he should even make a movie on such a low budget, who will even watch it?

  • Do we even watch low budget movies?
  • If there’s such a small chance of it reaching a big audience, whats the point of making it?
  • Are there other points to making a low budget movie?

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  1. What do you guys think, do you want fame, does that matter to you at all?

    • demham

      It’s clear that fame would help with getting the films u want made but of itself no thanks. Would be wanting to build a reputation based on tangible hard work and hopefully good content. If fame comes as result of that then all good

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