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Episode 101 – Life After Your First Feature with Sean Lynch!

What do you do once your first feature is done and has distribution? Today we talk with writer/director Sean Nichols Lynch who is in pre-production on his second feature ‘Ride with Me’ and hear about the steps he is taking to get that film made. We also talk about making his fist film Prep School, how you get actors signed onto your films and script contests!

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Who is Sean Lynch? Alrik and Sean worked together on the set of Francis Ford Coppola’s last movie Twixt which was the last movie Sean worked on before directing his first feature Prep School. Here’s what the internet had to say.

sean-nichols-lynch bio 2Sean Nichols Lynch is an award-winning film director, screenwriter, producer, and editor based in the San Francisco Bay Area. For Prep School, he won two awards at the 2015 Studio City International Film Festival for Best Dramatic Feature and Best Screenplay.

His production credits include work with Vita Coco, American Zoetrope, and Splash Digital Media. A lifelong movie buff, Sean is the co-host of the bi-monthly VHS nostalgia podcast Tapeheads. His next feature, Ride with Me, is now in development with Evolve Media.

Getting That First Feature Out of Your System!

  • What drove you to direct Prep School right out of college?
  • How did you raise the budget?
  • Winning the script contest from Amazon Studios.
  • If you hadn’t have been able to get the amount you were able to raise, would you have made that movie anyways?
  • What did you learn from making Prep School?
  • Would you do it the same if you could go back in time?

Then What Happened?

Prep School didn’t go the route of Fruitvale Station but what did happen?

  • What have you been doing to pay the bills since the feature?
  • Is the life you are living now feel sustainable?
  • How did you secure distribution, what does that look like?

Making the Second Feature

What are you doing to get the second feature made, do you have cast in place, funding?

  • Reaching out to cast, how do you do it?
  • Sean’s system for cold calling.
  • Does it really work?

Getting a Script on The Black List

We’ve talked about The Black List on the podcast before but now we can hear how it’s worked out for someone else.

  • Using The Black List.
  • What it meant to get a 8/10 rating on the site, did it do anything?
  • Does it really work, is it worth it?

Contact Us

Thanks for listening and a big thanks to Sean for being on the show!

Check out all of the info on Sean’s work at the link’s below.



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  • What do you guys think, would you feel comfortable calling up an agent and trying to get a script to a big time actor or would you leave that to a producer?