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Episode 10 – Listener Questions

This week we answer listener questions submitted to us through Twitter and Facebook.

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But first we talk about how the podcast lived up to our expectations.

And Timothy talks about his plans for The Spirit Machine once it’s finished.

Then, they answer these listener questions:

@danielcjgrant: what’s a good short film length to start out with as a beginner? (From a script perspective)

@danielcjgrant: how detailed should a script be? I’ve heard directors hate a script with too much detail (might be too general a question)

@danielcjgrant: starting from scratch where should your first $1000 go towards equipment?

@danielcjgrant: What’s the most critical editing technique to master right away?

@cinemafool: As an #IndieFilmmaker myself, when it comes to location, what’s your opinion on #Guerrilla style vs. legit permits?

@brylmedia Listening to ep 4. I’m a 35yo who’s just in the past year decided to pursue filmmaking. It took this long to find what I love. Am I fucked?

@MrEvanKidd: What do you look for when you view indie films? It’s a niche especially micro-budgets.

@kenthefilmmaker: movies are so cheap to make now, so those established can put more out, so it’s harder for us to get ours seen. How do we deal?

@TheSomeoneFilm: Hey @mmihpodcast! We’d love to get some promotion and media tips for #indiefilmmakers to up views and expand audience for their #indiefilm

@FredRoseFilms:Where is the audience for indie cinema? #arthouse theater? #VOD? Where do you screen your films?

We finish by acknowledging the struggle of every filmmaker goes through, even those that seem more successful and talented than they are. How do you stop yourself from getting discouraged?

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