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Episode 96 – Rick Bosner Says “You Don’t Have To Live in LA”

Producer/Director Rick Bosner joins us to discuss how he’s making a living through filmmaking alone, including work as a line producer on Fruitvale Station and Executive Producer on Other People. And of course we ask Rick how filmmakers like us can get a producer like him on their project.

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After hearing our crossover episode with the Just Shoot it Podcast, Richard J Bosner reached out to us to be on Making Movies is HARD because he wanted to spread the message that “you don’t have to be in LA” and why we should all aspire to live our lives like Bill Cunningham

Getting to Know Richard Bosner

A quick look at Rick’s accomplishments.

In early 2015 he shot two films back-to-back in the San Francisco Bay Area; The Boat Builder starring Christopher Lloyd, and Cardinal X for Executive Producer Cassian Elwes. He also executive produced Other People starring Molly Shannon & Jesse Plemons.

He also line-produced Fruitvale Station starring Octavia Spencer and Michael B. Jordan which received the Sundance Film Festival U.S. Grand Jury Prize in the Dramatic category and the Sundance Audience Award, U.S. Dramatic. We ask him how he got that job.

But first we dive into how Rick got started, from choosing a film school (The Academy of Art) to choosing a career as a producer and directing his own film.


Getting Started

– did you go to film school?

– did you always want to be a producer?

– after graduating, how did you get started?

– how long did it take you after graduating to get your footing? How many years did it take before you started producing the things you wanted to produce?

– what’s the career trajectory for a producer?

Fruitvale Station

Of all the films Rick has worked on, we are most familiar with Fruitvale Station. We ask Rick questions about his role on that film and how he got involved with it.

– how did you get the opportunity to work on Fruitvale Station?

– at the time, did you know Fruitvale Station would be such a success?

– what’s the difference between a line producer and a producer?

– what was your role on Fruitvale Station? How much credit can you take for the success of that movie?

Getting a Producer Attached to Your Film

The thing that stands in our way of getting our movies made is money. Does a producer like Richard Bosner have access to money? And how does a filmmaker like Alrik or Timothy go about getting a producer like Richard Bosner to produce our movie? What needs to happen? What is he looking for? What gets him excited?

Big Questions: Does Richard respond to cold emails?

If we can’t get someone like Rick to answer our emails, what’s our next option? We are both trying to get our first features made, where do we start?

Links to Rick’s work

Rick’s website:

Rick’s IMDB page:

Rick’s directorial debut “Falling Uphill”:

“Falling Uphill” Kickstarter page:


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