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Episode 94 – Gareth Edwards Keynote

Timothy is back from his shoot in Chile and Alrik just wrapped his four day documentary style shoot. We wing a conversation about what’s next for our feature films and share some inspiration from Gareth Edwards SXSW Film Keynote speech.

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After finishing their shoots, Timothy and Alrik decompress in their own ways. Timothy with comedy news and Alrik with Iron Fist.

Alrik shares his 20 year career plan to direct a Marvel TV show

“If you keep on making movies eventually one of them will attract attention, right?”

Alrik shares a few lessons from his shoot and acknowledges that a lot of production is about learning the same lessons over and over again.

Timothy fills us in on his shoot in Santiago, Chile and why he feels good right now because of the Gareth Edwards keynote speech. Watch the Gareth Edwards speech now! It’s so good. A few highlights:

– keep making stuff
– everything you do will not be great
– it won’t happen right away
– reaching your goals will feel anticlimactic, even if you’re directing big budget movies
– success comes from doing it, not being famous

Which brings us to an iTunes review from Will Springhorn Jr.

We respond to his review.

We talk about how to enjoy the process of making a film and share our experiences of forgetting all the hardships when looking back on a project.

“If you’re laughing at the shoot you’ll be crying in the edit”

Timothy’s next steps on his feature film “Artifice” and how he plans to re-engage with the screenplay and start production. Why Timothy wants to start production without having a finished screenplay.

What we think it would take to get more listeners

The types of guests we’re looking for the 100th episode

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