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Episode 228 – Just Shoot It & Making Movies is HARD Cross Over #2!

Sorry for the delay but due to the epic-ness of this episode we needed two more days to get it ready for all of you! That’s right it’s another Just Shoot It Podcast/Making Movies is HARD!!! Podcast cross over event! Matt, Oren, Alrik and new co-host Liz Manashil sit down and talk about a variety of topics including why we podcast, Liz’s film Speed of Life, Alrik’s film The Alternate and we even have a little discussion about the first cross over episode from almost three years ago! All that and more on this week’s jam packed episode of Making Movies is HARD!!!

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What’s Just Shoot It You May Ask?

If you’ve never heard of the Just Shoot It Podcast it is an LA based directing podcast by filmmakers and directors Matt Enlow and Oren Kaplan. Here’s the link to their podcast.

Here’s the link to the first cross over episode that we had way back in 2017!

The Alternate Crowdfunding Campaign Has Six Days Left!

Oren and Matt ask Alrik about his crowdfunding campaign and Oren makes a contribution to the campaign live on the show!

Why Do We Podcast?

Liz asks the group why do we even do this? At a recent screening of her film Speed of Life there were very few people in the audience and it got her thinking about what the point is for all of this. She takes the question even further and asks, why do we even podcast?

Speed of Life

Liz does eventually talk more about her film Speed of Life which the trailer for is still not out yet, but it will be soon!

Just Shoot It Cross Over #1 Recap

Alrik, Oren, Matt and Liz discuss the first cross over episode they did and how it has guided Alrik’s career in a new direction. Plus how it was emotional for the MMIH boys but not so much for the Just Shoot It gang.

Should Alrik Sign with a Manager?

Alrik gets approached by a manager and doesn’t know what to do about it, the group weighs in and lets him know if he should sign on with a unknown manager or wait to find a more experienced manager?

Where to Find All of Our Work?

Matt Enlow is @

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Alrik Bursell is @

Liz Manashil is @ www.lizmanashilcom

Just Shoot It is @

The Alternate Crowdfunding Campaign!

Make sure to check out Alrik’s crowdfunding campaign for his first feature film, The Alternate! 


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