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Episode 222 – Jason Ragosta – Crowdfunding for ZTV: Sympathy for the Devil!

Alrik and Liz welcome local San Francisco filmmaker Jason Ragosta to the show to talk about his latest film, ZTV: Sympathy for the Devil! Jason is a local San Francisco filmmaker and part of the bay area filmmaking community and for the last couple years he has been working on his latest film project, ZTV! ZTV is not just one short film, it’s a comic book series, it’s a feature film and it’s an original post apoplectic zombie universe! Jason joins Liz and I to tell us about his crowdfunding campaign for ZTV: Sympathy for the Devil, how he put it together and we debate the many different ways you can approach your crowdfunding campaign!

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Meet Jason Ragosta!

Jason started his career in stop motion animation as a storyboard and concept artist at Wreckless Abandon Studios. He then went on to work as a writer, director, and director of photography, on various independent films, music videos, and commercials, including work he has done as concept artist for Pandora FX. After recently partnering up with Christopher Logan to create Harbinger Game Studios, Jason has been adapting his feature horror screenplay, The Ballad of R’Lyeh, into a comic book, and has started development of his first feature film, Punching the Veil. His latest project, ZTV: Sympathy for the Devil is all over the internet, check it out most promiently on IndieGoGo and support local Bay Area Filmmaking!

AFM Yay or Nay?

We start off this conversation hot talking about AFM as that’s where Alrik and Jason first met. Jason has been back every year since Alrik went and Liz grills Jason on if it’s worth filmmakers time or not.

ZTV, what is this thing?

Jason gives us the big picture breakdown on ZTV, what it is, what the world is like now in ZTV and how he came up with this massive universe. Oh and check out this amazing poster Jason made for the film as well!

ZTV Crowdfunding

Jason, Liz and Alrik get deep into it on the Crowdfunding plan for ZTV. Jason highlights how he came up with his approach, what his plan is and why he decided to execute the campaign the way he did. 

Alrik and Liz question Jason on everything, specifically getting into a debate between physical perks vs. digital perks. Jason is all physical all day, Alrik and Liz feel differently. If you haven’t already check out the ZTV crowdfunding to get a sense of the physical perks Jason is offering.

Where to Find Jason’s Work! AKA CHECK OUT ZTV!

Check out the crowdfunding, if you can’t contribute sharing and liking posts is super helpful as well!

Instagram: @jasonragosta
Facebook: @ztvtheprezerve
Oh and here are is nice article on the film at everyone’s favorite horror film website, Dread Central!

Special Thanks to Jonathan Kittrell for Editing this Episode!

This is Jonathan’s second episode, you can check him out at @jkittrell94

Jonathan is also an author, check out his books on amazon!

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