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Episode 199 – DeShuna Spencer – Starting Your Own Streaming Platform!

This week Alrik and Jeff welcome filmmaker and CEO/Founder of Kweli TV, DeShuna Spencer to the show! DeShuna talks to us about her streaming platform Kweli TV, how she got it started and the struggles she faces in running her own independent streaming service!

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Meet DeShuna Spencer!

DeShuna Spencer, a social entrepreneur, is the Founder/CEO of kweliTV, an interactive video streaming network for the global black consumer. KweliTV is dedicated to the stories, issues and culture of the global black community. The platform offers a vast selection of on-demand independent films, web shows, news and historical programming, and documentaries specifically of the black experience from the US and across the globe. It will be accessible on smartTVs, internet TV devices (such as Apple TV and Roku), smartphones, game consoles, computers and tablets through a video app. KWELI (KWEH lee) means “TRUTH” IN SWAHILI.

DeShuna’s bio is extremely extensive (she’s accomplished a lot in her career!) check out her whole history on her website.

How it All Got Started

DeShuna talks about how she got into filmmaking and how she approached making her first documentary.

You Made a Film, What’s Next?

DeShuna talks about her experience getting her film out into the world and how that lead to her starting Kweli TV.

DeShuna talks about why starting Kweli TV was so important and how she came up with the mission statement for the company.

Starting Kweli TV

DeShuna talks about how she went about creating KweliTV and the challenges she faced getting the company off the ground.

The Future of Kweli TV

DeShuna talks to us about where she hopes KweliTV will be in the future and how this company has become her full time job. Here are a couple trailers of films available on Kweli TV!

DeShuna’s Work

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