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Episode 194 – Mischa Stanton – Telling Stories in Sound

This week L. Jeffrey Moore and Alrik welcome storyteller, audio wizard and podcaster extraordinaire, Mischa Stanton to the show! Mischa is the mind behind the award-winning serial audio drama ars PARADOXICA, a love letter to physics, fiction, and the future.

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Meet Mischa!

Mischa Stanton is, in no particular order: an award-winning sound designer, a novice punk-rocker, a recent transplant to LA, a sufferer of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a psychoacoustician, a self-proclaimed expert on time travel fiction, a facet of a larger universe observing itself, a pretty decent cook, a non-binary person using They/Them pronouns, a staunch lover of the arts in whatever form they present themselves, a technology and futurology enthusiast, an advocate for the Audio Drama renaissance, a workaholic, and the co-creator and sole producer of ars PARADOXICA.

Falling in Love with Audio

Mischa talks about finding his love for audio and his experience running sound boards in college.

Discovering ars PARADOXICA

Mischa talks about finding ars PARADOXICA while sitting behind an audio board.

Leaning into Podcasts

Mischa talks about turning away from the life of professional audio for theater and shows and discovering a career in podcasting.

Where can you find Mischa’s Work?

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