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Episode 191 – Welcome New Co-Host Samiat Salami!

This week Alrik welcomes our fifth guest co-host Samiat Salami to the show! We talk about her background in film, what it’s like to transition from life in Nigeria to going to school in Florida and eventually coming to Oakland and finding herself as a filmmaker. Oh and of course how she wrote, directed, produced and starred in her first web series, Uneasy, which is coming out in March of 2019!

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Meet Samiat Salami!

Samiat Salami is an Oakland-based writer and filmmaker. She has produced and assisted in directing corporate videos, as well as indie short films. Samiat is the writer, producer, and director of UNEASY, an Oakland based comedic web-series slated for release on March 1st, 2019.

Samiat is also originally from Nigeria, which is pretty cool, adding a little bit of unique perspective to her filmmaking.

How it All Got Started

Samiat gives us a quick rundown of her life before filmmaking and how she transitioned from a writing career to a filmmaking career.

Samiat Talks About College

Samiat gives us a rundown of her college experience and finding filmmaking at California College of the Arts in Oakland.

Getting Started on Uneasy

Samiat talks about starting Uneasy and the long road to getting it finished, including shooting for roughly three years, going through multiple crews and never giving up.

Releasing Uneasy

Samiat tells us about her plan for releasing the show, her struggles to figuring it out and when we can finally watch the show, on March 1st!

Uneasy Premiere at the New Parkway Theater in Oakland!

Uneasy is premiering on February 17th at 12:30pm at the New Parkway Theater in Oakland! Get your tickets now!

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