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Episode 138 – Reed Shusterman – How Script Reading Works

Reed Shusterman is a filmmaker who is also a professional script reader. He answers all our burning questions about script readers including: how does a script reader evaluate a script? What makes a script good? What are script readers looking for? And how do you get a better a score?

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Who is Reed Shusterman

Reed Shusterman is a writer/director & professional script reader. His current film “The Goblin Queen” is a blockbuster epic fantasy (on a horror budget) that he’s now expanding into a feature length film.

Check out Reed’s Short Film “The Goblin Queen”

Reed is also a professional script reader and has read thousands of scripts for clients such as NBC and CBS. His speciality is in amateur screenplays and finding new talent.

How Screenplay Reading Works

Here’s an outline of what we talked about in this section.
  • Explain exactly what you do and how your job works.
  • What goes into reading a single script?
  • How dos your process work?
  • What kinds of notes are you taking/giving?
  • Do you turn in notes on every script you read?
  • Do you use the pass, consider, recommend scoring system, if so how does it work?
  • How likely is someone to get a high score based on a reader’s personal tastes vs a script being “good”?
  • Are good scripts just good, personal tastes aside?
  • Does personal taste factor in to script reading services?
  • How often do you give a script a ‘recommend’?
  • How many scripts do you read in a given week?
  • Does it matter if the writer has a personal connection to someone at your company or do you not even read those scripts?
  • What genre’s are you seeing too many scripts for?
  • What genre’s are you not seeing enough of?
  • Do you think writers should submit their work to contests?
  • What do you want to say to all those writers out there who’s work you read every day?

Reed As A Filmmaker

Here’s an outline of what we talked about in this section.

  • How did you get started as a filmmaker?
  • Tell us about Goblin Queen.
  • How do you get from where you are now to where you want to be?
  • What have you learned from reading scripts every day that you take into your own writing?
  • What challenges have you been facing as a writer/director?
  • Do you hire script readers to read your work?

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