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Episode 136 – Gordy Hoffman – A Screenwriter’s Journey and How Screenwriting Competitions Work

Join us for this inspiring conversation with Gordy Hoffman about how screenplay competitions work and why you should never give up. If you want to make films, Gordy says don’t wait, “do your dream today!”

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Who is Gordy Hoffman?

Gordy started the BlueCat Screenplay Competition 20 years ago, but that’s not the whole story. Gordy himself is a screenwriter and his career started in 2002 with a film called “Love Liza” that starred his younger brother Philip Seymour Hoffman. Love Liza played Sundance in 2002 and won the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize.

Since then, Gordy has ventured into directing, most recently with a short film Dog Bowl (Available to watch on Amazon Prime) which played at 2015 Sundance and that led to a gig at Annapurna. Gordy also teaches screenwriting at USC.

How Screenplay Competitions Work

Gordy runs the BlueCat Screenplay Competition, so we ask him a bunch of questions about how screenplay competitions works.
How are Screenwriting Competitions Judged?
Is that judging fair?
Does Gordy worry that a good script might slip through the cracks?
 What are some reasons you should enter screenwriting competitions?
  • They give writers deadlines, which is always a good thing
  • They give writers validation that they are on the right track
  • They can further your career
  • But mostly they can give you inspiration and a reason to keep going

How Gordy Became a Screenwriter and Director

Gordy recaps his career from Love Liza to his current short. In looking at Gordy’s career, he’s found a way to keep going, but at 53, does he ever think about quitting? When is it too late to pursue your dreams?
We dive deep into the despair every writer feels and why it’s important to push through it. Screenwriting is a solo venture and there are some traps we can all fall into, Gordy has some advice on how to avoid them.
Some Questions We Ask Gordy
  • How did you get started as a writer?
  • After “Love Liza” came out, to it make it easier to get work as a writer?
  • There’s a big gap on your IMDB page, what were you doing between your films?
  • For your second film, Dog Bowl, how did you make the leap from writing to writing and directing?
  • What challenges have you been facing as a writer/director?

Contact Gordy

February 20th is the final deadline to enter your screenplay and short films to the BlueCat Screenplay Competition The BlueCat Website is also a place to contact Gordy if you want to reach out to him.
Also, check out his films. Here are links to Love Liza and Dog Bowl.

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