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Episode 134 – New Year Special with Andrew Schrader, Arielle Zakowski & Evan Kidd

We talk to more past guests this week about what they’ve been up to since we last talked. This week we chat with Andrew Schrader, Arielle Zakowski and Evan Kidd. This is an extra long one to keep you company during your travels. Happy New Year everyone!

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Andrew Schrader

Since we last talked, Andrew has moved to Los Angeles and has also gotten a book published. Find Andrew’s book “What Goes On In the Wall At Night” on Amazon or download it for free on his website!!!

Andrew talks to us about living in Los Angeles, writing and pursuing a career as a full time filmmaker.

Here’s a Link to Andrew’s Book on Amazon:

Andrew’s Website:

Episode 20 – Sustainable Ideas with Andrew Schrader

Arielle Zakowski

Last time we talked to Arielle (way back in Episode 66) she had just started a full time position as an editor.

Episode 66 – Editor Arielle Zakowski

After quickly moving through the ranks of assistant editor into a lead editor role, Arielle was excited to tackle new opportunities. And she did.

  • She tells us about editing for Chef’s Table
  • The ins and outs of balancing commercial work with passion work
  • And the power of saying yes!

If you want to learn more about Arielle, visit these websites

Her Website:

Arielle’s Commercial Reel:


Evan Kidd

Evan Kidd joined us back in Episode 45 to talk to us about producing a very cheap movie. Now he’s back to tell us how he produced an even cheaper TV show that’s now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Episode 45 – How Evan Kidd made a $3,000 Feature Film in North Carolina

Evan’s $3,000 film “Son Of Clowns”:

Evan’s $200 TV Series “Home Remedy”:

And be sure to check out Evan’s Website:

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