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Episode 133 – MMIH Christmas Special with Lisa Donato, Colin Levy and Kyle McCauley!

Welcome to the 2017 MMIH Christmas extravaganza! We decided to do something special this year and bring back a bunch of our previous guests to see how they are doing and what’s changed in their career’s since we last heard from them. This week we have filmmakers Lisa Donato, Colin Levy and Kyle McCauley! This is an extra long one so if you’ve got a long holiday flight or drive, this might be the perfect episode for you!

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Writing a successful feature, getting representation and moving to LA with filmmaker Lisa Donato!

We have Lisa Donato back on the show, if you missed her back on episode 40 in March 2016, check it out!

Episode 40 – Lisa Donato

Lisa has been extremely busy, her film Signature Move has premiered at SXSW and is coming out on Amazon in January, she’s made two short films, got representation and is moving to LA!

  • Lisa talks about landing her representation and the decision to move to LA!
  • Lisa shares the story that she is preparing to pitch in the new year.
  • Making short films and preparing to shoot her sixth short film!

For more information on Lisa, check out the links to her work below!




Making an animated teaser film in Amsterdam, moving to LA and finishing an epic short film with Colin Levy!

First off, if you want to know more about Colin, check out episode 26 of the podcast back in November 2015.

Episode 24 – Do On-Line Views Really Matter with Guest Colin Levy

Since we last talked to Colin he has quit his job at Pixar, moved back to Amsterdam to direct another short and now moved to Los Angeles! Check out his latest short teaser, Agent 327!

  • How was it to return back to the Blender Institute?
  • What’s the status of Sky Watch, any updates?
  • How has life been after Pixar?
  • What’s next for you in LA?

If you want to learn more about Colin, here are the links to his website, twitter, etc!



What happens after the water bottle tour with Kyle McCauley!

Our final guest this week is Kyle McCauley, check out his episode to be brought up to speed on all things Kyle!

Episode 59 – Meeting Agents and Producers w/ Kyle McCauley

  • What’s the status of your projects?
  • How’s the James web series?
  • How is the relationship with your representation?
  • What’s the next step?

Here’s more information on Kyle!

Check out Kyle’s Website:

Send him an email at: kylemccauley[at]gmail[dot]com

Watch his movie James on Vimeo: or YouTube:

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