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Episode 130 – Progress Anxiety, Act 2 Troubles & The Little People

Timothy talks about struggling with his screenplay, Alrik talks about wanting to just shoot something already, plus we revisit our interview with Jason Headley and talk about not forgetting the “little people”.

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The Daily Struggle

  • Alrik feels the burn to create more stuff and shoot something else. He wants to stop talking about doing it and just do it. We share our feelings of “not doing enough.”
  • We talk about the dangers of wanting to shoot something without having a finished script and the fine balance of not waiting too long vs rushing into it
  • Timothy faces challenges with his single location script. How do you create an Act 2 without having another world for the characters to explore? It’s much harder to write an Act 2 when you’re in the same place with your characters for the entire length of the movie. He wonders if he should abandon the idea and move on to the next one.
  • Alrik talks about his latest plan for moving to LA. In short: he wants to shoot the Alternate first. So LA is in the future but it won’t be happening soon.
  • Alrik also plans to shoot another short film and he talks about how it doesn’t necessarily fit into the style of filmmaking that defines him. But it’s a story that’s been on his mind for a long time and he has enough pieces to make it. So there’s no reason not to make it, right?
  • He also plans to shoot an Alternate teaser to help offset making a short that isn’t sci-fi/horror

Recapping Our Interview with Jason Headley

Last week we talked to indie filmmaker Jason Headley and we want to recap some of the important lessons he shared:

  • Jason’s made a commercial career and directed a feature film while living in San Francisco. If he’s able to do this outside of LA, does that change our minds about wanting to be in LA at all?
  • Jason’s made a point of putting his work out into the world and getting himself out there by simply showing up and putting himself in a place where you can meet the people that might help your career.
  • It might take years and years before all your hard work pays off.
  • You don’t even need to like putting yourself out there, you just have to do it.
  • There’s an uncertainty that what you are doing will add up to anything. Only after it all works out can you say what the steps are that led to your “success.”
  • Agents and Managers are not necessarily the key to making a career, even with an Agent you still need to hustle and create your own opportunities. Use your Agent as a tool not as a solution.
  • The importance of creating relatable stories.

Don’t Forget About The “Little People”

It’s natural to want to keep working with the people you started out with, but at what point should you work with other people to encourage your growth as a filmmaker?

  • What happens when we’ve grown past working with the people we started out with?
  • Are we obligated to keep working with the same people over and over again?
  • Do you expect people to work with you because of loyalty or do you want people to work with you because they respect your skills?

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