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Episode 127 – Timothy’s Ego, Alrik Moves to LA & A Listener Question

Timothy talks about his ego getting in the way of his filmmaking and the emotional bruising of recent screenings of The Spirit Machine. Alrik talks about moving to LA! And we answer a listener question from Tariq Taleb: as a filmmaker do you need to be a Swiss Army Knife to succeed?

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The Daily Struggle

The guys struggle with creative vs professional balance. Alrik goes back to corporate videos. Timothy goes back to producing. They talk about the brief moments of “living the dream” and how they deal with having to make a living.

Timothy shares the emotional struggle of watching The Spirit Machine again at two screenings and how he dealt with that. His solution was to compare his work now with his work ten years ago, here’s a link to that:

Alrik talks about rebranding himself away from Bursell Productions and towards Alrik Bursell. A shift now only in name, but a focus on directing.

Is Alrik Going to Move to LA?

Alrik spent a lot of time in Los Angeles recently and while he was there he asked everyone if he should move to LA. The resounding response was “Yes” he should. After talking to his wife Beth, he makes real steps towards doing it. Yes, we know, this is a big change from where we were when in episode 4. Have a listen to that and compare to now:

Listener Question: Do I need to know everything?

Email from Tariq Taleb: Awesome podcast guys, seriously the best out there related to filmmaking no nonsense, I know you guys are busy, but if you ever had the time to answer me about the following : There is a new certain type of filmmakers I see emerging lately, such as Gareth Edwards and many others who started by mainly (doing everything) from writing to visual effects, is this what it takes lately? To even be considered? Or noticed?

Robert Rodriguez on the topic:

• “If you’re just creative, you’ll always have to rely on technical people. If you’re creative and technical, you’re unstoppable.”

• Creativity isn’t job specific. If you know how to be creative, you can just jump from job to job with no training and do them pretty well. The technical part of any job is 10%. 90% is Creativity.

• Technology is not the art form.

• Sometimes you know too much and you stop doing things. Keep your hands up and keep believing.

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  • What do you think, does Timothy need to talk about his commercial work more? Is moving to LA the thing Alrik should be focusing on?