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Episode 122 – How to Budget a $12,000 Feature

Noam Kroll has a podcast called “Show Don’t Tell” that’s all about micro budget filmmaking. In episode 14 he goes into detail about how to budget a $12,000 film. It’s essentially a 12-day shoot @ $1,000 a day. This week, we play Noam’s podcast and then talk to him about the ins and outs of shooting an affordable feature film.

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  • Pay your crew $150/day on average (some get $200 some get $125) Half of budget goes towards crew
  • 5- person crew Director, Producer/1st AD, Sound Record, DP, Production Designer / Makeup Artist
  • Director and Producer work for free and back end points
  • Cast @ $125/day SAG Industry standard for ULB Film
  • Two cast members per day is the key
  • $8,400 for cast and crew
  • $2k for Food $20 per meal x 7 = $140/day = $1,680 for 12 days + Contingency
  • $600 for locations as contingency 


  • What sort of movies do you think you can shoot for $12,000? Can you shoot sci-fi or horror?
  • Do you have any examples of movies shot for $12,000? Is this a theoretical breakdown or have you put it into practice on a feature film?
  • Schedule: On a 12 day shoot what does one shoot day look like?
    • how many pages do you shoot per day?
    • How many setups can a filmmaker expect to get?
  • Shoot Logistics:
    • Lighting: how do you light, is it just your DP figuring it out on their own, does the other crew jump in to help out?
    • Lunch: who’s in charge of lunch? Does that fall under the AD/Producers responsibility? Is it delivery or home made?
    • Managing Talent: Do you ever have scenes with more than two actors, with extras, how do you manage all those people with such a small team?
    • Compromises: What’s the biggest compromise a filmmaker makes working on a shoot of this size? Lighting, time, focus, etc?
    • Challenges: What is your biggest challenge in a production of this size?
    • Minimum Wage: If you are paying people as little as $125 a day, how does that work for minimum wage? Are you just paying people under the table?


Noam Kroll is an LA based film director with a very hands on approach to cinematography and color grading. He has a commercial production house called “Creative Rebellion”, and runs a filmmaking blog.

Check out Noam’s podcast “Show Don’t Tell”:


Noam’s Vimeo Page:

Twitter: noamkroll

Facebook: noamkroll

Upcoming projects: Shadows on the Road 

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