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Episode 119 – Horror Equity Fund

We’re joined by Brian Herskowitz and Marlon Schulman of Horror Equity Fund to hear what it is, what it does and how they work with filmmakers and investors to make the business side of filmmaking work!

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No Show Notes?

Timothy and Alrik literally start a two day shoot today, so we don’t have time to put up proper show notes, so here is what you get!

Who is Marlon?

Marlon W. Schulman’s leadership in creating targeted, revenue-producing communities within the entertainment industry is enhanced by his intuition and passion. As an entrepreneurial producer and attorney, his specialty is the creation of diverse profit-driven entertainment products and services through innovatively conceived integration of proven strategies with new technologies.

Who is Brian?

Brian Herskowitz is a veteran Hollywood producer, writer, and director of feature films, TV series and digital series. He is the author of the best-selling book, Process to Product: A Practical Guide to Screenwriting and is a faculty member at the Boston University of Los Angeles’ graduate degree program, Writer in Hollywood.





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  1. What do you guys think, are film equity funds the way to go, what do you think?

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