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Episode 118 – PR and Getting Your Film Seen

We’ve released a few films over the last few years but we can’t remember if we’ve ever gotten into the details about a film release. What do you include in a press release? Who do you send it to? This week we give advice on press releases and the best way to get your film seen.

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PR Releases

We talked a little bit about this in year one I think, but now that we’ve released several films since then, let’s talk about it some more. Between our releases of Brother, Over My Dead Body and The Spirit Machine, we’ve managed to get writeups in:  First Showing, Ain’t it Cool, The Slaughtered Bird, Geek Tyrant, IAMAG, Dread Central, The Movie Critic Next Door, The Blogging Banshee, Anty Radio and more.

How did we get our short films written about on all these websites?

  • Finding contacts / Who to send them to
  • What should your email say?
  • What should your Press Release say?
  • What else should you include: photos, posters, links to the film
  • Do you hear back from these people?
  • the mysterious way writeups just appear.

Here’s the Press Release for “The Spirit Machine” in case anyone needs an example.


Watch The Spirit Machine Now



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