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Episode 116 – A Critical Look at “The Spirit Machine”

The Spirit Machine is officially out in the world! Be sure to check it out on YouTube or Vimeo before listening to this gloves off conversation about how the finished film turned out. What works? What doesn’t work? After years of hearing Timothy say The Spirit Machine is not that good, he finally gets to explain in detail what his problems with the movie are.

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What People Are Saying About The Spirit Machine

The Spirit Machine was released on Friday August 18th, 2017 and since then has gotten some nice write-ups. Here are a few of them.

Ain’t it Cool says “…pure bliss, with fun visuals and interesting characters…” [a] “…kickass film that’s utterly exciting.”

The Slaughtered Bird called it a “…four out of five star short film”

First Showing said “…I admire the ambition and the VFX are great.”

AntyRadio said “…the atmosphere of the 80s was captured.”

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