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Episode 114 – Visual Effects Supervisor Kaitlyn Yang

This week we talk Visual Effects with Kaitlyn Yang, an artist and supervisor that opened her own boutique VFX house after working as a freelancer for some bigger places like Zoic, Framestore and MPC.

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Alpha Studios offers services in Compositing, Matte painting, Set extension, Match moving, Rig removal, Motion Graphics, Editorial, Color and more.  This week, we spend an hour with founder, Kaitlyn Yang, to ask her how VFX work and when and how filmmakers should use post effects.

Starting Your Own Company

How did Kaitlyn go from freelancing to starting her own company? What sort of team did she put together?

Working With Visual Effects

It’s very easy to dismiss that things are happening in a computer but what actually goes into a VFX shot? Or it may just seem like magic.

Kaitlyn helps breakdown the VFX process, what sort of artists you need to get a shot done and how it all works.

When should you shoot something in-camera and when should you use post-production effects?

What’s a common misunderstanding filmmakers have about VFX?

When do you need a team of artists and when you can rely on just one person?

If pulling off Marvel level VFX is unrealistic, what is realistic? Kaitlyn says everyone should check out Miss 2059 for realistic expectations.

Working with Filmmakers

What’s the process, how does a project begin?

When should you bring in a Visual Effects team?

What does a filmmaker need to understand VFX to be good at VFX?

What’s something filmmakers aren’t doing that you wish they would?

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