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Episode 112 – Make a DAMN Movie!!!

A listener challenges us to just go make our movies already! Plus we talk about how much you should get paid as a professional

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Make a Damn Movie!

One of our listeners writes in:

Make a damn movie! Your first movie doesn’t have to be the alternate or spirit machine or whatever, write around your limitations, to make a movie that can showcase your skills, talents, and tell a story.

Guys… I’m not gonna lie, I’m getting a little frustrated.

Tarantino didn’t start with Reservoir Dogs, he made a terrible movie called My Best Friend’s Birthday. So your first movie might be terrible, but it doesn’t mean your second movie has to be.

Make a damn movie guys! It ain’t hard.


Plus: How Much Should You Get Paid as a Professional?

How do you decide how much you are worth? What should you get paid when you’re first starting out? How much can you eventually make? We discuss all this and more.

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  • So what did you all think of Tarantinos first attempt at a feature? So funny to hear character names and little bits that he revisits in his later films.