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Episode 110 – “Stranger Things” Actor Jackie Dallas

Trying to get your acting career off the ground? This week we have actor Jackie Dallas on the show to talk about how she launched her career in the Bay Area and landed a role on Stranger Things. Plus, discussions on unions, finances and the challenges of being typecast. Listen to this episode now or visit iTunes to download it to your device.


Jackie Dallas is a full time actor living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Here is what the internet has to say:

After going through medical school and working as a resident physician in New York and Chicago, Jackie Dallas decided to step away from her medical career to pursue her dream of acting. She started out as a background actress in random independent films and shorts before landing the role as the Yellow Ranger in a TV Pilot for a dark comedy ‘Power Rangers-like’ reboot Super Power Color Force. She then landed multiple supporting roles in Not Another Zombie Movie, City Council and starred as the lead Pamela in the dark psychological thriller Catching Broken Glass. Her recent work includes a dystopian mini-series Minutes After Midnight, a sexy short horror film Girls On The River and a supporting role in Netflix Stranger Things. Jackie has worked across the nation in cities including New York City, Miami, Chicago and now currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area of Northern California and pursues acting full time.

Switching Careers

  • You had a career in the medical field, why did you leave it behind?
  • What drove you to leave your job to become an actor.
  • What steps did you take to make it happen?

Acting in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • Why do you think getting started acting in San Francisco is better than going straight to LA?
  • How do you manage to work full time as an actor, what kinds of jobs are you getting?
  • How often do you travel for jobs?

Getting The Role on Stranger Things

  • How did you land the role on Stranger Things?
  • Was it a difficult process?
  • Do you still go on auditions for shows based in Atlanta?

Being Typecast Based On Your Ethnicity

  • What kind of struggles have you faced as a Korean-American Actor?
  • What do you do when you are asked to play towards a certain stereotype?
  • What do you think needs to happen to make a change in the industry?

Contact Jackie

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  • What do you think about starting your acting career in the bay area and then moving to LA? Is Jackie right, is it a better way to get started?