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Episode 103 – New Opportunities

This week Timothy and Alrik update each other on their projects, their careers and some exciting new opportunities!

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This has been our first hosts only episode since March! We had topics lined up but we just got to talking so we skipped them. Here is what we discuss.

  • Timothy talks about being on vacation for three weeks and what it’s like to come back.
  • Commercial directing opportunities.
  • Working on Artifice.
  • Script from YuMee Jang.
  • Script from Alex Kellerman
  • Getting ready to take steps to get Artifice made.

Trailer for Open Windows, the movie Artifice reminds Alrik of.

Alrik then talks about what’s going on with him.

  • Hiring a lawyer for The Alternate and starting his LLC.
  • Getting another investor locked in.
  • Writing the script for this mystery project he is attached to direct.
  • Working on his 360 Horror Short ‘Handheld Diners’.

    Here is a 360 horror short that Alrik found, he’s trying to do something a little different.

    Share Corner

    Itunes Reviews! Timothy and Alrik read through a number of reviews that have been backed up since March, thanks to everyone for the kind words and sorry for all the swears!

    Alrik couldn’t help it and recommends Their Finest, go see it!

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  • What do you think, sound like we are making the right choices or should we just drop everything and make a feature film for 10k?