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Episode 102 – Rebecca Weaver and Shooting a Feature with a Two-Person Crew

This week we have filmmaker Rebecca Weaver on to tell us about how she made her  $11k budget feature with a two person crew and went on to win “Best American Indie” at the Sonoma Film Fest and “Best Feature” at both the Lone Star and East Lansing Film Fests. Listen to this episode now or visit iTunes to download it to your device.


Rebecca Weaver and her boyfriend Chris Irwin teamed  a feature film called “June Falling Down” with just $11,000. Rebecca took on the roles of writer, director, producer and actor in her own film with Chris operating camera & sound. With this two person crew they were able to pull of a charming feature film which makes Alrik and Timothy realize there is no good excuse to not just go out and make your feature, despite your resources.

Rebecca Weaver and Nick Hoover in “June Falling Down”

Rebecca tells us about seeing herself  primarily as a writer that, out of necessity, has had to wear the other hats to get her films made. We talk about the power of collaboration in filmmaking and the type of director that Rebecca might one day trust with one of her scripts. She also tells us about not wanting to turn her script over to a director as she gets further into the writing process because she starts to see the film in her head. She sounds like a director to us!

But having worked with herself in the many roles of putting a feature film together, including editor, Rebecca now has a better idea of what she’s looking for in future collaborators. So there is an upside in wearing all the hats on your first film(s).

One last topic before we get into “June Falling Down,” living and working in Los Angeles:

  • When did she move to Los Angeles?
  • Why did she move to LA?
  • What’s her life look like?
  • How did moving to Los Angeles lead to shooting “June Falling Down”

Her First Feature Film “June Falling Down”

“June Falling Down” was shot with a two person crew, Rebecca producing/directing/acting and her boyfriend Chris running camera and sound.

Some of the questions we ask Rebecca about the film

  • Tell us your basic shooting setup: Chris + Rebecca
  • How did directing work when you were in most of the scenes?
  • Why did how and why you approached the film the way you did with a mainly two-person crew
  • What’s it like to act and direct in your own film?
  • How do you act and direct at the same time?
  • When you’re acting in a scene, how do you judge
  • As a director if you got what you wanted?
  • What did you hope would happen with June Falling Down and what did happen?
  • What was the budget?
  • What’s the plan for distribution?

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